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"Grow Your Diamond"
Preferential Program

The unrivalled brilliance of ASHOKA Diamond not only records your brilliant moments, but also gives you an exclusive value that guarantees you to celebrate every joyful moment in your life with a bigger and brighter ASHOKA Diamond.

With the exclusive Grow Your Diamond Preferential Program of ASHOKA Diamond, you can always trade your previous purchase anytime without depreciation and get a bigger ASHOKA Diamond by paying the price difference only.



Weight : 40 points
Color : F
Clarity : VS1
Tag Price : HK$34,928
Discount : 10% off
Purchase Price : HK$31,435

The price of the new ASHOKA jewellery
should be at least 50%
higher than the current one:

HK$31,435 x 150%
= HK$47,152


Weight : 58 points
Color : F
Clarity : VS1
Tag Price : HK$47,572

If a 10% discount is offered, you just need to pay the price different between the current and the new ASHOKA jewellery:

( HK$47,572 - HK$31,435 ) x 90% = HK$14,523

( Tag price of the new jewellery - Purchase price of the current jewellery ) x discount offered

In this case, you can own a larger and brighter ASHOKA Diamond by just paying 31% of the price of the new ASHOKA jewellery!

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1. The above "Grow Your Diamond" example is only applicable to the return of ASHOKA Diamond which is not purchased under the same preferential program. For more details, please refer to our staff.
2. The preferential policy shall be applicable in 12 months after the date of purchase.
3. It is necessary to present the purchase receipt and return the certificates of the current ASHOKA Diamond.
4. In case of the absence of certificates, extra fees will be collected according to the size of diamond:

Diamond Weight Fees (For each certificate)
0.50 carat or below HK$500
0.51-0.99 carat HK$800
1.00-1.99 carat HK$1,000
2.00 carat or above HK$1,800

5. The program is valid to MADIA Jewellery Shops in Hong Kong. For details, please call customer enquiry hotline (852) 2971 2266 or visit our shops.
6. We reserve the rights of any adjustments of the above mentioned terms and conditions and the final decisions.。