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MADIA shops and staff are certified to conform to the ISO9001 quality management system standard in the provision of specialized ear piercing, after-care service and internal training of professional ear piercing. The ear piercing procedure and aftercare program follow stringent guidelines to provide a professional experience that is safe, convenient and hygienic.


  • Evaluating Health and Understanding the Procedure

    In addition to a health evaluation, our staff gives a briefing to introduce the piercing and aftercare procedure, together with underlying risks. Every step is done one-to-one by our staff and assisted by multimedia tools and questionnaires. For minors, parents or guardians must accompany to provide written consent in person.

  • Pick a Starter Earring Style

    The medical-grade starter earring stays in the fresh piercings for a few months so it’s a good thing is that there is a variety of styles from which you can choose to suit your style.

  • The Piercing

    The professional procedure includes sterilization, careful positioning, confirmation and the pinch. We take pride in our professionalism and prioritize hygiene and safety throughout the procedure.

  • Follow the Aftercare guide

    Each customer receives an aftercare checklist, and has the option to come back regularly for free consultant check-ups (six times in three months).

  • Experience the Amazing Styles

    After about three months, the ear lobe piercing should have fully healed and is ready for new earrings! Feel free to return to our shops to view our full collection of earrings to help express your individual taste and artistic flair!


In order to avoid infection or injury, one must take extra care of the new piercings. The new piercings should be cleaned three times each day, using the ear caring wash lotion provided by our professionals. Here is a step-by-step guideline on the cleaning procedure.

  1. Clean your hands thoroughly.
  2. Keep the starter earrings on throughout the process. Gently push the earring to the front of the ear. With a dry cotton pad below the new piercings for absorbing extra lotion, apply adequate amount of ear caring wash lotion to rinse it. In order to rinse the inside thoroughly, rotate the starter earing clockwise and anti-clockwise during the process. This also improves the inner lining of the piercing to allow it to become smoother after it has fully healed.
  3. Repeat Step 2 with the earring gently pushed to the back of the ear, and apply the ear caring wash lotion to the back of the piercing.
  4. Gently push the earring to the front of the ear again. Fold a new and dry cotton pad into triangle, use the tips to dry the ear caring wash lotion and any secretions.
  5. Repeat step 4 by gently pushing the earring backward.
  6. Finally, make sure that the earrings are still firmly held by the studs, and that enough space remains between the piercing and earring for healthy recovery.

For further queries about how to clean a new piercing, please contact our in-store ear piercing consultants.


  1. A new piercing is a wound and is therefore susceptible to infection and deformation if improper handled. Please avoid swimming or exercising vigorously during the first week after the piercing. Also kindly keep ears away from irritants including but not limited to perfumes, hairsprays, cosmetics and hair to avoid irritation and inflammation.
  2. The piercing must be dried and cleaned properly as instructed in “Aftercare Guideline, Cleaning a New Piercing”, whenever the piercing is wet, e.g. bathing.
  3. When drying hair with a hair dryer, ensure not to allow hair to contact on the earrings nor the piercing.
  4. Be careful to protect the earrings and ears during daily activities, including but not limited to getting dressed, brushing hair, sleeping on your side or talking on the phone as the earrings may get caught in other objects.
  5. Keep the starter earrings on for at least three months for ear lobe piercings and four to six months for cartilage piercing. If inflammation occurs, the time needed may be longer and it is recommended that you return to the MADIA shop for aftercare by our professionals.
  6. Do not wear other earrings than the starter until the piercing is fully healed. This period may be longer than the period recommended above on a case by case basis.


The choices are endless when it comes to earring designs. Before delving in, you may wish to consider the shape of your face and haircut. But worry not, whatever your face shape or haircut, there is a design to flatter your features.

  • For the Oval Face

     Choose fine designs and small hoop earrings

     Avoid big hoop earrings and statement drop earrings

  • For the Round Face

     Choose designs with straight lines
     Choose simple drop or tassel earrings

     Avoid wide earrings or big hoop earrings
     Avoid oversized and statement earrings

  • For the Diamond Face

     Choose earrings that are narrow on top and wide at the bottom or earrings with round shapes
     Choose fine and linear shapes

     Avoid tassel earrings
     Avoid overly long and dangling earrings

  • For the Square Face

     Choose simple shapes such as hearts, flowers and butterflies
     Choose more streamlined drop earrings

     Avoid big hoops and statement earrings
     Avoid asymmetrically shaped earrings

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